Many ways to die and never realize it, or a play by play of a melodramatic romantic

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Whenever I think about writing a post on this blog, I realize I don't have anything interesting to say ever, or if I do, I just can't think of it when I want to...

My confidence in my writing ability has been on the steady decline, and I mean all forms of writing, essays, poems, songs, etc.. I just don't know what it is. Serious bummer.

Writing for my English classes has become so much more difficult. . .I don't even understand. It used to just come so easy for me, now it is a huge chore to churn out some simple analysis of a poem or a novel or whatever.

Also I still don't understand how I can never be productive enough to record songs I actually feel confident enough to show others, let alone put on an album. I feel so "meh" about the This is My Mess demo from the tour, and it being the only thing close to an "album" that I have, it's very discouraging. Although my feelings towards the accomplishments of my friends are always a mix of amazement and great appreciation, it has been hard not to get a little.. envious of their ability to write and produce, something I just am in a rut with... jealousy.. just what I need for my art..
But really, I'm in love with each and every one of my friends' music, I couldn't possibly respect and appreciate anyone else's music as much as I do theirs, I feel so grateful to be constantly surrounded by such bright and talented folks.

I really want to release a 7'... I wonder how much that costs....

well it is time to attempt some essay writing.. bah hum bug do you give each post a title? I still can't figure it out unless I'm typing out the post in Open Office