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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh, Christmas is almost here. Fortunately I've felt considerably less melancholy these last two holiday seasons, but the overall feeling of this holiday still seems empty and foreign to me. It also doesn't help that almost all of the gifts I bought were on a credit card that already has way too much on it(way too much). Oh well, I suppose though. I need to make more money, I think. I'm not sure if it is normal to have this much money on credit at this point, but I'm hoping it isn't too much to deal with.

I am missing the whole Normal routine already a bit, I need a fat injection of rock n roll into my blood very soon or I think I'm going to go fucking crazy! And I need to work, defiantly need to do that.

Well holiday festivities soon... woo hoo............

OH... if you are in the mood for some rap.. check this shit.. new GUCCI ! BURR!

Gucci Mane: “The State Vs Radric Davis”

Some tracks to check out.. Classical, Stupid Wild (ft. Lil Wayne), The Movie, Volume, Wasted, & Kush is My Cologne, as well as the Wasted remix (again with Weezy). There is also a ridiculous romantic song with Usher if you're feeling that...

& if you're feelin' the gucc.. hit me up for more... this album isn't the greatest as a whole, and there a quite a few songs far too ridiculous to listen to completely, but its got some definite gems.

PS. I do not approve of Blogger spellcheck claiming "kush" is not a word.

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