Many ways to die and never realize it, or a play by play of a melodramatic romantic

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rock and Roll Masquarades through My Mind and I Feel Like an S.S. Soldier.. please no.

AHH rolling stone is scary. Even when Bruce Springsteen is in it.

So is Tiger Woods.. and the media.

Wintrey break is here and now and it is going to be weird. So weird.

Maybe I'll be changing oil now.

ok here's something:

our friends turn out –

to wash the windows

of snowbeds under the shore

and we still can't care.

The monsters each day bringing

no skill

sit comfortley in the veranda

and make bribes to eachother

For hearts and such,

not even gold

but still casting that long shadow

on the green countryside

Relapsing on happinees

the cardoor fakes stuck

and we don't remember

how to speak to eachother.

Somethings broken down

and it wouldnt make sense

to look at it...


Time honored traditions

like red and gold hats

and thick rims on Tennesse glasses

have only come to fade.


The Last Unicorn said...

Yes! I looove PaulBlog.

Winter makes my bones and brain sag.

scott. said...

it makes my tits sag.

paul let's hang soon.

P. nol said...

dudes! I just realized you commented on this thing.. I am so bad with the whole blogging thing.. I miss you both, lets defiantly hang soon

The Last Unicorn said...

Yes pretty puhlease!

P. nol said...

when are you going to be in normal next??

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